I use this page to list the videos and photos mostly of geological interest I bookmarked on Twitter. This page is intended to be an open and searchable archive of those entries. I do believe one good photo/video worths more than ten thousand words, especially when introducing natural processes to students. Twitter has troves of those material openly shared by users around the world. To use the material externally, I do recommend contacting the original author for permission.

Rocks and minerals

Giant tourmaline crystals in pegmatite, southern California

Mass wasting

Rockfall at Sangal Valley of Kinnaur in northern India - 2021

Mass movement triggered by heavy rain on the otherwise dry alluvial fan in Palm Springs, CA - 2021

Landslide on steep and highly weathered hillslope at Himachal, India - 2021

Melamchi flood and debris flow in the Nepal Himalaya - 2021

There is another cool source of information for this flood which is linked here: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/5df39824b5604c80be8dfc429be93cfa

Soil and Weathering

Redox in soil profile

Incredible weathering profile of granitic saprolite at Big Bend National Park, TX - 2021

Finding the parent material for this chunk of soil is going to be tricky!