"CT scan" the deep weathering profiles at San Jacinto Mountain with the BedrockCZO team (2022/05)

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Atmospheric River in Action!

On March 22, 2018, I was a couple km up on the south side of San Jacinto Peak collecting samples when I encountered some inclement weather. The wind and snow impinged on the southern slope of SJP and the temperature was near freezing. It was quite a day! This trip gave me the chance to see firsthand the transport of moisture into San Jacinto Peak from the Pacific Ocean and the stark contrast in orographic precipitation between the north and south sides of the mountain. When I got back home, I found this animation of satellite-derived total precipitable water showing gorgeously a plume of moisture sweeping across the coast of California. That was the source of moisture that fueled the inclement weather I experienced on the ground at SJP on that day.