This page displays a sample of the soil climate data I collected from stations at different altitudes in the San Jacinto Peak, southern California.

The data are visualized in interactive plots. Aside from the basic interactive features like zooming in and out, each data series plotted can be turned on or off by clicking the corresponding series in the legend. Double clicking a data series will isolate it in the plot. I find the "compare data on hover" function is really helpful when you scan through and compare multiple time series in the same plot.

News: I am experimenting with wireless communication solutions to automatically transmit and back up data from the field. You can check out the real-time plotting of field measurements from one of our stations here:

Station altitude: 2945 m

Station altitude: 2883 m

Station altitude: 977 m

Station altitude: 483 m

Thanks to Ken Ferrier, Sarah Aarons, Greg Ruetenik, Ian Peters, Emmet Norris, Rain Blankenship, Dylan Quintal, Austin Carter, Linqing Huang, Josh West for field assistance and/or station maintenance.

Soil-climate-dust monitoring at the San Jacinto Peak, California